HGGenuine attended 2024 OFC released 1.6T-200G/λ Transceiver

On OFC2024 in the US, HGGenuine,the world's leading optical module manufacturer, officially launched the 1.6T-200G/ λ  high-speed optical module solutions,which have attracted many professional audiences.

 Professor John Bowers, the founder and the ponineer of silicon photonics,  visited the HGGenuine site. He pays attention to the live demo test data of the 1.6T silicon optical module on site and recognizes the efforts and achievements of HGGenuine in promoting quantum dot lasers from the laboratory to the 1.6T module end application.

Based on the successful research and development of 400G and 800G silicon optical products, HG has successfully developed and launched various 1.6T module products.

HGGenuine 's 1.6T high-speed optical module products use silicon photonics chips developed in house,  and are compatible with thin film lithium niobate modulators and quantum dot lasers.  These products have the operating wavelength of 1310nm with the running speed of each channel 212.5Gbps, which is suitable for 2x800G applications on 1.6T Ethernet and InfiniBand systems.

"Our test data has been highly recognized by customers. Next, we will launch a series of new 1.6T optical module products based on 200G/ λ silicon photonics and quantum dot lasers." stated by DR.Yu.