The HG Genuine MQD-35F2C Transceiver is a high performance, cost effective module for optical data communication applications supporting 400G Ethernet. The MQD-35F2C is designed to operate in switch and router applications supporting QSFP-DD MSA / 400G DR4 compliant traffic in up to 500m links.


The MQD-35F2C can convert 8-channel 53.125Gb/s electrical data to 4-channel 106.25Gb/s optical signals. Similarly, it optically converts 4-channel 106.25Gb/s optical signals to 8-channel electrical data output on the receiver side. It has been designed to withstand the maximum range of external operating conditions including temperature, humidity and EMI. The module offers very high functionality and feature integration, accessible via a two-wire serial interface.

How to buy
  • QSFP-DD MSA compliant

  • 8x53.125Gb/s PAM4 electrical interface (400GAUI-8)

  • Maximum power consumption 11W

  • MPO-12 connector

  • Up to 500m transmission on single mode fiber

  • Operating case temperature: 0℃~70℃

  • Single 3.3V power supply

  • RoHS-6 compliant

  • 400G Ethernet

  • Data Center Applications

  • Enterprise networking

400G QSFP-DD DR4 MQD-35F2C ENGLISH_V3.4_(US).pdf