HGGenuine attended 2024 OFC released 800G ZR/ZR+ Pro

 HGGenuine, a leading global optical transceiver manufacturer, announced its next-generation DCI 800G QSFP-DD ZR/ZR+ solution. HGGenuine also participated in a live demo of 800G ZR technology organized by OIF at OFC2024.


Industry trend & application

With the widespread adoption of ChatGPT and other large language models, data traffic has entered into a period of accelerated growth. As a result, optical transceiver manufacturers are developing new products that can balance demands for high bandwidth, long distance, low cost, and low power consumption.

800G ZR/ZR+ Pro Highlights

The HGGenuine 800G QSFP-DD ZR/ZR+ Pro coherent optical transceiver for long-distance transmission for data center interconnects is based on the Marvell Orion 800G coherent DSP released in 2023.

The module supports four modes: 800GE, 2 * 400GE, 4 * 200GE, and 8 * 100GE.

The transceiver supports +4dBm high output optical power, and can directly transmit 120KM point-to-point without an external optical amplifier. 

It can effectively achieve ultra long distance transmission of the DCI optical layer in scenarios without installing relay amplifiers.

800G ZR/ZR+ Pro core indicators

  • Output power up to +4dBm

  • Very low power consumption<27W typical

  • 800ZR 120KM and 800ZR+ up to 480KM over SMF

  • Support 800G DP-16QAM modulation

  • Support C-band tunable 150GHz Grid spacing

  • Operating case temperature: 0°C to 75°C

“800G represents a tipping point for DCI because it enables data centers to replace expensive traditional equipment with pluggable modules for connections ranging up to 500 kilometers and beyond,” said Samuel Liu, Senior Director, Product Line Management at Marvell. “We are looking forward to collaborating with HGGenuine and expanding the module ecosystem.”