HGGenuine attended 2023 ECOC

On October 1st, 2023, HGGenuine, the world's leading optical communication module manufacturer, announced the release of the next-generation access network product solution 25G/50G PON OLT in the European market, and demonstrated the new product parameters and performance in a Live Demo. It also introduced the 50G PON OLT and the XGSCOMBO PON SFP-DD high-end Class D products.


Industry Trends

With the continuous advancement of F5G and double gigabit, 10GPON has begun large-scale commercial applications. XGSPON will become the leading solution for residential FTTH applications. And for some high-end residential applications with higher bandwidth requirements, FTTB, fiber to the park, access network aggregation and other applications, 25G PON/50G PON technology will become an important support solution. With 25G PON/50G PON, operators can leverage their existing fiber resources to provide enterprises, schools, hospitals, and more with true 10Gbit/s uplink and downlink rates, increasing productivity and accelerating collaboration between organizations. Higher bandwidth will make cloud computing, virtual reality, and AI applications easier than before, providing more imagination for the last mile of the access network.

Product Highlights

In order to match the development needs of the next generation optical access network, HGGenuine launched 25G/50G PON OLT optical module products. 

25G PON Highlights

The 25G PON symmetrical OLT adopts SFP+ package and SOA-EML technology solution, which can realize the transmitted optical power of 4.5~9dBm. 

The receiver uses a burst design to meet the customer's requirements for timing, and the sensitivity reaches -26.5dBm. 

The product has been sent to a number of customers, and is expected to achieve mass production delivery in 2024 Q1. 

50G PON Highlights

50G PON asymmetric OLT adopts SFP+ miniaturized package design, uses CDR and SOA-EML scheme at the transmitter, and the optical power can reach 5.5~11dBm. 

The receiver uses a burst design, and the sensitivity reaches -27.5dBm.

Class D Highlights

The product adopts SOA-EML technology solution, which can realize the transmitted optical power of 8~11dBm.

The receiver uses high gain APD and excellent signal integrity design, and the sensitivity can reach below -32dBm at 10G rate.

At the same time, the GPON terminal can also meet the luminous power of 6~10dBm and the sensitivity of the receiving end of -35dBm, which can support long-distance transmission of up to 60km.

After 22 years of technology development and market development, HGGenuine Access product line has now realized the coverage of GPON, 10G PON, XG/XGSCombo PON, 25G/50G PON OLT series products, and has been verified by a number of key customers and achieved mass production delivery. In the next step, with the acceleration of the digital process and the continuous growth of global Internet users, HGGenuine will build new connections, create innovative value, and help the high-quality development of global optical communication industry.