All-optical Connection, Smart Future

On September 16th, 2021, the 18th China International Optoelectornic Exposition was held in Shenzhen, China. Meanwhile, themed by "All-optical Connection, Smart Future", HG Genuine displayed varieties of new products and solutions within the fields of 5G, F5G, Data Center, automated vehicle, and 5G to B. HG Genuine, focused on the idea of "optic access, endless connection", released new products applied in Data Center, 5G, FTTx, and smart telecommunications.  Among all those new rollouts, the 800G Series  and 400G Siph transceivers in Data Center, the 50G LR/FR in wireless fronthaul, and the 25G/50G PON for next generation access application attracted mass attention in the industry.


Following commercialized 400G transceivers, 800G series became the main focus of the industry. During 2021 CIOE, HG Genuine released three 800G transceivers: 800G SR8, 800G DR8, and 800G 2*FR4, among which 800G DR8 chooses both QSFP and QSFP-DD packages, while SR8 and 2*FR4 with OSFP package first.  

I each lane data rate: 106.25Gbps

I Transmission distance: 500m@SMF

I 8 parallel lanes on 1310nm wavelength

I power consumption: < 18w

I Operating case temperature: 0 – 70℃

I MPO-16 connector

I 7nm CMOS process ODSP (7nm CMOS工艺ODSP)



This product is featured with:

QSFD-DD package,

Developed by our own independent Siph solution,

Equipped with 7nm integrated Driver PAM4 DSP chip,

Optical bit rate up to 100Gbps per lane,

Low power consumption, high transmission rate,

Satisfies the need of next generation wireless transmission application.


HG Genuine has been focusing on the telecommunication market for decades.  As the first company issuing 5G transceivers, HG Genuine has always been the leader in wireless industry. With outstanding manufacturing process, great product quality, and competitive cost, our wireless products win large shares in market. Up to now, HG Genuine has already achieved 5G-series product popularization by overcoming technical dilemmas in the field of high-speed photoelectric signal control.


This product is featured with:

SFP56 package;

Uncooled DML solution, I-temp -40~85℃;

Single channel data rate up to 50Gbps;

Low power consumption, high transmission rate.

Satisfies next generation wireless transmission application.


As the 5G network construction begins, PON is also developing at a rapid speed. The next generation PON technology is adapting a brand-new protocol to efficiently achieve higher capacity.  HG Genuine released 25G/50G PON product solutions to facilitate access network upgrade.


 This product is featured with:

EML + APD solution;

Upstream/Downstream rate: 25Gbps;

Minimized shaped and weight, low power consumption, low cost;

Satisfies next generation wireless transmission application.