HG Genuine attended the 17th OVC EXPO

On November 11th, 2020 "Optical Valley of China International Optoelectronics Exposition and Forum (OVC EXPO) in Wuhan Optical Valley Science and Technology Convention Center grand opening! With the theme of "Optical Connection + Wireless Connection", HG Genuine demonstrated the all-optical network solutions on site from optical modules of 5G and data center to terminal products such as base station and OptoCon.HG Genuine demonstrated the one-stop solution of "Optical Connection + Wireless Connection".


Data Center :800G PSM8

Yesterday's Double 11 shopping festival, when the clock pointed to 00:00, a large amount of cloud data immediately flooded to the server. Cloud computing requires a large number of optical modules for data transmission to achieve interconnection within and between data centers. In September 2020, HG Genuine released the high-speed 800G PSM8 for data center for the first time, which attracted wide attention in the industry. High speed, low delay, high reliability, help data center bandwidth upgrade.


5G:200G ER4

On the weekend night, when you are enjoying the time on the sofa, downloading a 1G movie in 7 seconds and enjoying the video and audio world, our 5G optical module is completing the photoelectric conversion. Enhance the capacity and transmission rate of information flow and reduce transmission delay. The positive source 5G optical module of HG Genuine represents 200G ER4, with high reliability and low delay, which helps realize telemedicine, unmanned driving and other applications.

JoinSite RRU

JoinSite RRU will be from the BBU CPRI interface data for signal conversion and filtering amplification, transmitted through the antenna; At the same time, the radio frequency signal received by the antenna is amplified and converted into CPRI signal and transmitted to RRU. Joinsite RRU's debut attracted many professional visitors. Compared with 4G networks, 5G uses shorter wavelengths than low-frequency bands and has weaker penetration, making it difficult for outdoor high-frequency base stations to cover indoor areas, which will lead to impaired indoor communications. The launch of JoinSite, quickly and effectively solve the "last mile" network coverage problem.