The HG Genuine MQD-12F1C Transceiver is a high performance, cost effective module for serial optical data communication applications to 400Gbps, The MQD-12F1C is designed to Datacenter, accept 400G Ethernet protocol traffic for 70m links.


The module mainly consists of two parts: the transmitter part and the receiver part. The transmitter part consists of 8chs 850nm VCSEL array and driver. The receiver part consists of 8chs trans-impedance amplifier (TIA) and PIN photodiode array.


The high-speed electrical interface is based on low-voltage logic, with nominal 100ohm differential impedance, AC coupled inter of module.


Users can access to a series of registers to monitor and configurate data through two wire serial interface.

How to buy
  • 26.5625 GBd PAM 4×8 channel 400G-SR8 Optical interface

  • 26.5625 GBd PAM 4×8 channel 400G AUI-8 C2M Electrical interface

  • Up to 70m transmission distance on OM3 MMF

  • 850nm VCSEL and PIN receiver

  • QSFP-DD MSA package with MPO-16

  •  Very low EMI and excellent ESD protection

  • +3.3V power supply

  • Power consumption less than 10.5W

  • Operating case temperature: 0~+70°C

  • IIC rate up to 400KHz

  • 400G Ethernet

  • Datacenter switch