1.6T-200G/ λ high-speed optical module

Based on the successful research and development of 400G and 800G silicon optical products, HGGenuine is in the process to launch various types of 1.6T module samples in 2024.

HGGenuine 's 1.6T high-speed optical module products use in-house silicon photonics chips,  and are compatible with thin film lithium niobate modulators and quantum dot lasers.  These products have the operating wavelength of 1310nm with the running speed of 212.5Gbps (PAM4 signal) per channel , and are suitable for 2x800G applications in 1.6T Ethernet and InfiniBand systems.

HGGenuine will have the following two types of module protypes in the process of sampling soon. For exact sampling date, please contact our marketing:juan.xiong@genuine-opto.com

• 1.6T DR8 OSFP AOC  

• 1.6T DR8 OSFP (with 200G DSP)

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1.6T-200G/ λ  high-speed optical module

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