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Job Opening

Test Engineer

Position Details:
1. Design / develop and maintain test automation framework/tools.
2. Driving processes to reduce test automation maintenance, including design and implementation of test frameworks.
3. Develop test plan/strategies, test design, set up test environments and execute automated or manual test, and test results analysis.

Required Qualifications:
1.Bachelor degree or above, major in IT.
2.At least 2 years experience in software development or testing framework/tool development.
3. Experience of Java development is preferred.
4. Experience building and designing test cases including knowledge of test methodologies.
5. Solid knowledge of relational database and Linux.
6. Good analytical and problem solving skills.
7. Good English CET-4 at least.


Product Line Manager

Job description:
1. Providing product strategy, marketing and sales strategy and product development roadmap based on analysis of product market, customer demand, competitiveness and internal resource allocation, which need to in align with company’s strategic development requirement.
2. Collecting project demand assessment materials and organizing project initialization evaluation according to product development roadmap, product performance, quality defect and cost reduction. Being responsible for process
monitoring including product development, new product sample and batch delivery to ensure new product launch, mature product technology, quality and cost advantage.
3. Managing product life cycle:
   a) For sold products, analyzing and evaluating their business performance of delivery, cost, service and quality; regularly providing advice and plan of product improvement for management team to review; supervising relevant implementation in each department after decision is made;
   b) For products with terminated life cycle or under performance, providing termination proposal and action plan for management team to review.
4. Being responsible for product marketing and sales planning; assisting and supervising new product promotion, business development, and implementation of sales plans; checking and evaluating implementation; regularly completing evaluation report.
5. Achieving company’s annual KPI target and being responsible for product team’s performance evaluation and assessment.

Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. 3+ years working experience in optical communication industry and 2+ years in marketing;
3. Being good at leadership, organization, coordination, and implementation of plan with a keen sense of marketing understanding and interpersonal skills
4. Being able to work under pressure;
5. Working experience of optical module data communication is preferred