HG Genuine attended the Optinet 2021

On June 16, the 21st Optinet China (Optinet China) seminar was held in Beijing as scheduled.


As a professional-oriented optical communication industry event in China, this Optinet was launched with "Ten Trends in the Development of All-Optical Network". Wei Leping, executive deputy director of the Communications Science and Technology Commission of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and chairman of the China Optical Networking Conference, said that at present, the optoelectronics of the whole network is moving from the 1.0 stage to the new stage of true all-optical 2.0.

Trend 1: The trend of full optical network;

Trend 2: the high capacity trend of all-optical network transmission link;

Trend 3: High-capacity trend of all-optical network switching nodes;

Trend 4: Continuous optimization trend of all-optical network recovery time;

Trend 5: Clouding trend of all-optical network;

Trend 6: Intelligent trend of all-optical network;

Trend 7: Open trend of all-optical network;

Trend 8: the ubiquitous trend of all-optical networks;

Trend 9: Cost optimization trend of all-optical network;

Trend 10: All-optical access and 5G/6G integrated development trend


Using 7NMDSP, the power consumption of the whole machine is as low as 16W;

Single path photoelectric signal up to 112Gbps;

An 8-channel 1310nm EML laser is used.

Adopt QSDP-DD package, support high density application.


Bulk shipment of data center optical modules

In this Optinet2021, HG Genuine fully displayed the latest product solutions in data center, wireless, FTTX and other fields, and focused on the 100G~800G optical module products under the application scenarios of data center.

New applications of online cloud office, autonomous driving, telemedicine, and artificial intelligence have brought a dramatic increase in data traffic. In 2021Q1, HG Genuine 400G series optical modules officially entered the mass production stage, and the shipment volume reached 18K/ month.