Three production lines released: HGG constructs more high speed network

 (2016.9.7)Huagong Genuine Optics Co., Ltd(HGG) hosted new products seminar last afternoon in 2016 CIOE,introduced future developing planning for transmission、datacom and access, showed ambition and confidence to all connected era. 

Domestic optical components vendors always have been in the competition of low-end products, but with the significant increase in network bandwidth, the qualitative change of components needs is triggered, high speed and high-end components have been preferred option. Therefore HGG reconstructed business architecture, meet the needs of network from backbone to access and network interconnection.
Three High-end Products Lines
In seminar,the products roadmap of three high-end products lines were introduced.

To data center, Wang San(senior project manager) pointed out 40G-SR4、25G-SR and 10G 1300nm VCSEL all have been in mass production, 100G-QSFP28 was under development, 400G also has been in planning. 
To access, Chen Peng(manager of PON product line) said traditional PON(EPON/GPON) were prostrated to growth of 4K/8K video, 10G PON will be future preferred option, the best opportunity has arrived. This year, asymmetric 10G EPON ONU/OLT and XG-PON1 ONU/OLT has been released,symmetric 10G
EPON ONU/OLT and XGS-PON ONU/OLT will be released next year.

As traditional advantage products, transmission transceivers was major source of growth in the first half of the year, Han Yong(The manager of High speed products line)said company’s 10G transceivers have covered all transmission scenes, meanwhile, some type of 100G transceivers have been in mass production, in addition, further work on transmitter and detector has been executed to lower cost、lower power consumption and better cooling.
Zhou Hao(Senior market manager)pointed out the trend of network development, with increase rapidly of traffic driven by HDTV、intelligent vehicle etc, higher speed network connection will be needed to meet bandwidth growth, the needs of high-end components will be in sustainable growth.
“Rome was not built in a day”, the released high-end products all came from continued efforts for years. Xiong Wen(General manager of HGG)has revealed the imagination of reconstruction on products lines in interview hosted by C114.The first half of this year,HGG sales grew by 29% YoY, high speed products grew by 160% YoY, the adjustment of products lines has token effect.
Widely and deeply partner with supply chain 
Xiong Juan(Brand manager of HGG)said, other highlight of the seminar lay in the support of vendors and customers of HGG, the customer-centric strategy and achievement in integration of industry chain have been revealed.    
To take the example of 10G PON,one of advantages of HGG lies in “strategic cooperation binding”, guarantee from leading vendors all has been committed in all key subassembly including LD、APD、driver and MCU, therefore, the scheme was the maturest, performance was the best, the deliver ability and cost both were in the lead. In seminar, Broadcom and Semtech also expressed preferred support for HGG.  
Xiong Wen(the General maganer of HGG)said that compounded annual growth rate of over 40% for past three years came from matrix products lines management and continued following the market. The scale and ability in manufacture of traditional transmission products have increased significantly by “strategic cooperation binding” , the shipment of transceivers for wireless fronthaul has been in TOP 3, some datacom transceivers have been in mass production, 25G/40G/100G have been putting into the market gradually.
“ range far your eye over long vistas”, Mr. Xiong said the development of e-commerce、industrial internet and Fintech is driven by the combination of big data、IoT and modern manufacture.”We are in the era of network rapid development, we hope more communication and cooperation are built in this seminar,work together for higher speed network world”.
Additional Words
     For the years, compared to traditional exhibition, HGG mainly hosted seminar, introduced real-time state of products and understanding on the market by special reports. This was the third consecutive similar events in CIOE.To be honestly, it is more professional in brand promotion to HGG.