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HG Genuine ECOC2019 released 400G full series of optical modules


On September 23, 2019, the 45th European optical fiber communication exhibition ECOC opened in Dublin, Ireland.

The ECOC Exhibition is Europe’s largest exhibition in the fibre optic communication technology industry.As the international mainstream optical module manufacturer, with the theme of "faster network world" as the exhibition theme, HG Genuine first released 400G full series product solution for data center and 25G full series product solution for 5G in the European market.

The new product series released in the European market shows the hardcore strength of the latest products in the optical module field.



"faster network world"

This ECOC, high rate has become the focus of attention and communication among participants in the industry. According to the market demand of data center, CGTC has launched a full set of 100G and 400G product series, and a single channel can realize the solution of 25Gbps/50Gbps/100Gbps.

Transmission distance:100m/2km/10km


Applied to the Ethernet, data center, cloud network and high speed Internet


5G full series of solutions

Following CIOE's first release of 25G Tunable for 5G at the beginning of September, HG Genuine is once again bringing 5G full series of optical module solutions to the European market.

In the field of 5G fronthaul, HG Genuine has diversified product solutions:

Transmission distance: 300m/2km/10km/20km

Form: grey light/fixed wavelength/tunable

Support speed selection, easy installation, networking more flexible


Depending on the excellent supply and manufacturing platform,  HG Genuine will have higher speed, larger bandwidth and lower power consumption... To provide customers with one-stop optical module products and services.