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HG Genuine released the industry’s first 5G tunable optical transceiver


At 8:00 am, 4th Sep, 2019, Beijing time, HG Genuine released the industry’s first 5G tunable optical transceiver, another masterpiece for 5G.

The release marks that China 5G fronthaul passive wavelength division solution enters into a new stage.

Market background

This year is the first year of 5G, with 5G global trials and its commercial use growing fast. Followed by the execution of 5G deployment, operators began to purchase 5G wireless fronthaul color light equipment. As 5G fronthaul scheme is crucial for 5G large-scale commercial use, operators need three-dimensional solutions adapting to different applications, and passive wave separation will become the industry's first choice.

Based on the market background, HG Genuine 5G product line has accumulated for several years and finally responded the market with the release.


Mr. Hu Changfei, General Manager of HG Genuine, introduced that the release of 25G Tunable optical module created a green channel for 5G base station fronthaul interconnection. Facing the application scenario of 5G fronthaul with high speed, large capacity and saving fiber, 25G Tunable combining wave analyzer could quickly complete the opening of the site.


At the same time, HG Genuine 25G Tunable, with the new features of hardware code normalization, intelligent adaptive wavelength, adaptive opening and first-class spare parts, opens the era of intelligent optical module and fully meets the needs of various applications of 5G fronthaul.

5G Solutions

As the pioneer of wireless optical module product solutions in China, HG Genuine has launched diversified 5G product solution to cover different bandwidth requirements, different coverage distances, and different fiber core resource requirements, apart from 25G Tunable.

Transmission distance: 300m/2km/10km/20km

Form: grey light/fixed wavelength/adjustable wavelength

Support rate switch, easy installation and flexible networking