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HG Genuine 25G product was included in the list sponsored by iccsz


On January 15, the 2018 annual product list sponsored by iccsz was unveiled in Shenzhen.


The 25G SFP28 LR Lite of HG Genuine was included in this list. After half a month of offline expert evaluation and online voting, the 25G SFP28 LR Lite won the "innovation award" for innovative product and solutions of 5G industry with excellent product performance.


25G SFP28 LR Lite

25G SFP28 Lite 300m SM i-temp is a customized, low-cost solution for 5G applications that meets customers' high reliability requirements for prequel.

The mature 10G DFB core overclocking technology and the large-scale to-can coaxial packaging technology have significantly reduced the cost compared with the conventional 25G LR i-temp .

25G SFP28 Lite promotes the rapid and large-scale deployment of 5G prequels by operators and equipment providers, so as to promote the commercialization of 5G in China.


New beginning

2018 is bound to be a year of ups and downs for the optical communications industry.There are not only mergers and acquisitions of industry giants but also escalating trade wars.In this year,guided by the layout of the global market and driven by technology, HG Genuine has been constantly optimizing the product plan. In 2018, the sales volume of the active business unit has increased by 24% .

As a famous optical transceiver manufacturer,  HG Genuine will continue its outstanding market performance in the 4G , adhere to customer-centric, meet customer customization needs, and continue to provide low-cost innovative solutions.