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HG Genuine won the top 10 enterprises of optical communication industry competitiveness


November 20, Beijing time at 9:00 am, the 12th awards ceremony of Top 10 competitiveness enterprises of 2018 in the optical communications field of China & Global Market (ODC) was held in Beijing Jingyi hotel.




HG Genuine, the leading optical device provider in China, was selected as the "top 10 most competitive enterprises of optical devices, auxiliary equipment and raw materials in China in 2018" with excellent market performance and brand influence.


In the selection of competitiveness in 2018, the organizer asia-pacific optical communication committee conducted a comprehensive and comprehensive evaluation on the brand awareness, sales revenue, net assets, net profits, profit rate of total assets, technological innovation, customer satisfaction and other 18 dimensions for manufacturers in the optical communication industry.


HG Genuine ranks at the top of the list of "top 10 most competitive enterprises of optical devices and auxiliary equipment in China". It fully demonstrates the strength of HG Genuine under the intensive cultivation and careful work in the optical device industry, confirms the outstanding achievements of HG Genuine in improving the industrial scale and structure and developing high-end devices, and at the same time indicates that HG Genuine is in the leading position of brand influence in the domestic optical device industry echelon.