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Clarification Letter


Clarification Letter


Regarding the news from some public websites “2017 HG Genuine has been qualified as the Ericsson global supplier.”


HG Genuine management team start investigation once receiving the response from Ericsson on October 13, 2017.


HG Genuine has never spread or leaked any news related to “2017 HG Genuine has been qualified as the Ericsson global supplier.” As a supplier to many well-known companies for decade, we do understand the importance of integrity and it is the very basic footstone to establish long term cooperation. However, internal investigation reveals that this news is le

aked by the PR department of HG Tech Group during a Wuhan regional media conference regarding 5G industry investigation (HG Genuine is the subsidiary of HG Tech Group). The information of “We have been attending the Ericsson`s annual negotiation” in internal market report from HG Genuine to HG Group has been misunderstood by PR department of HG Tech Group.


HG Genuine and HG Tech Group are fully aware of the severity of the impact on this news. We apologize for any negative impact and inconvenience to Ericsson team caused by our management negligence. In the meanwhile, we will issue a statement on our official website to clarify this news and the news has been withdrawn from the third–party media website.Measurements also have been applied to prevent such mistake happen in future.


Wuhan Huagong Genuine Optics technologies Co., Ltd
October 13, 2017